Read for Info about Picking Up Laptops for Students

We are excited that GCSSD’s high schools will be transitioning to becoming 1 to 1 schools. Students will now have the opportunity to receive a laptop for their educational needs while at school and home. In order to receive a laptop, online registration must be complete, students and a parent/guardian must sign a contract in person, and a district technology fee of $25 must be paid by cash or check.  

 Students and parents/guardians can pick up issued laptops, sign contracts, and pay fees on the following dates at SGCHS:

 Class of 2022 (12th): Mon., 7/19, 3-7 PM

Class of 2023 (11th):  Tues., 7/20, 3-7 PM

Class of 2024 (10th): Wed., 7/21, 3-7 PM

Class of 2025 (9th)::  Thurs., 7/22, 3-7 PM


If you have any questions before these nights, call the front office at 783-0999.