Gibson County Special School District’s TSBA Volunteer Award

When we think of service and commitment to Gibson County Special School District, a few criteria come to mind. If one is truly service-driven, they must possess exemplary leadership skills in order to see a project through and be able to cooperate with different community and staff members. They must also be organized and maintain a creative balance to sustain leadership while meeting school district needs. There are not many people who truly fit this mold; however, one individual in particular has consistently shown that he not only meets the criteria but has also, in fact, broken that mold.

Mikey Smith has proven time and time again his commitment to excellence here at GCSSD. When we need a volunteer, whether it be for a football, basketball, or baseball game or to head the technology department for all high school musicals, he has shown a tremendous amount of responsibility and drive to exceed expectations. When Mikey is met with a concern or issue, he handles them all with grace and decorum.

We at GCSSD are indebted to Mikey Smith for his continued service to all sports and activities. Even though he has been a staple at our school, he continues to excel in all areas. Mikey, we thank you for your outstanding contribution to our school and our community. Please join me in congratulating this year’s winner of the Gibson County Special School District’s TSBA Volunteer Award, Mr. Mikey Smith.